Be our members

1. Community Member


Eligible for any People with Aphasia, their friends and families who resides in Hong Kong and is over the age of 18. They are invited to attend our functions, receive our Newsletter and all other mailings of the Association.


2. Professional Membership


Eligible for any professionals or fields related to Aphasia, for example speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologists, linguists, gerontologist etc. Professional members are invited to attend our functions, receive Newsletter and attend all professional meetings.

We aim to connect various experts in the field, in such a way that is understandable to the layperson and make it readily accessible to our community. We host and collaborate with other professional bodies regularly for Continuous Professional Development courses or overseas training. Professional members are most welcome to join.

任何專業人士及其工作上均會與失語症患者接觸的 (例如言語治療師、職業治療師、物理治療師、臨床心理學家、語言學家、老年學家等等),均可成為我們的專業會員。你們會被邀請參與我們的定期培訓,活動通訊等等。

此外,我們也希望連繫不同的專家,令失語症更為大眾所知,在醫療及復康層面上為病患者提供更有實證的治療。 我們將定期與其他專業團體合作,已進行持續進修發展課程或海外培訓。

3. Overseas member


Eligible for any professionals or world-wide Aphasia community who resides beyond Hong Kong, but wish to maintain contact with us. Overseas members receive our Newsletter and updates.